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WooCommerce has turned into one of the most renowned eCommerce platforms out there. If you’ve used WordPress before, then there is a high likelihood that you’ve heard of this plugin with the ability to transform your website into a powerful web-based store. Automattic introduced us to WordPress and in 2015 decided to go one better by adding this plugin to its portfolio.

Is WooCommerce Free To Use?

Contrary to Shopify or Bigcommerce, WooCommerce is a tool that is open-source. To expand on this, it is part of WordPress which is free to use either for personal or commercial purposes. So when looking to create your online shop, all you need to do to get started is to install WordPress and start immediately. However, you may need to note that the costs of a domain, email or hosting may be part of your additional expenses.

Hosting For WooCommerce

Finding the ideal hosting provider can be an engaging process at times. If you are not technically adept to set up WordPress and WooCommerce, one provider you can turn to is Bluehost. Having been in the market since 1996, they have a wealth of experience in matters hosting and even give walk-through videos for beginners.

WooCommerce Plugin – Conclusion?

WooCoomerce has been seamlessly integrated into WordPress creating one very powerful content management platform. WooCommerce comes with a variety of themes (free & paid) and extensions designed to make your online store a powerful one. If you experience any problems when setting up WooCommerce, Bluehost hosting provider will definitely come in handy.