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Wix defines itself as a web development platform, based on the “in the cloud” system, which has millions of users around the world and allows creating a professional online presence easily and quickly, without the need to know how to program. It takes only a few minutes to register, select a template and make a few modifications and have your website ready.

The Pros of Wix Website Builder

First and foremost: Wix website builder is extremely well-built. It combines features with user-friendliness, so users have control over the website design as well as the content without making the things too complicated. Website builders should be simple to use, and Wix is ​​its own class. Talking about free website building, the Wix Website builder is certainly one of the best free website builders – and surely very well-equipped.

The Cons of Wix

You must know that with using Wix website builder, you are renting their services. If one day you decide to end the relationship with Wix, you’ll need to hire a professional. If you’ve opted for a free version, you are bound to see “Create a Wix site” banners appearing, which, for branding and professionalism, is really inappropriate. The only way out is to sign-up for a premium service.

The Closing Words

Wix is a good platform if you want to create a basic website with a professional look and your budget is less than €200 per year. Wix would also be a great choice if you are looking for a web page with a very visual and easy to use administration panel. However, it may not work for you if you think that your website will grow very quickly and If you want to be the owner of your website.