Responsive Websites

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A responsive website is based on the idea that websites should be able to adapt to users based on their behavior and environment. Screen size, orientation and platform are the three most important things for a responsive website. These factors are necessary now because people use different kinds of gadgets like mobile phones, laptops and iPads to access the internet.

Need For Responsive Websites

responsive designWith the world changing fast and technology developing, every website needs to be able to accommodate the contents of its page on any device. That is the fundamental idea behind any responsive website. With every new mobile device comes various kinds of resolutions. Websites should be able to change and adapt to any new developments and ensure a user-friendly and quality experience for their visitors.

The Concept Of Responsive Websites

The basic concept of a responsive website comes from the concept of responsive architectural design. According to this, physical spaces are responsive to people’s presence passing through. This was later translated into web designing, and hence a whole new idea was developed. Nowadays, most of the developers are using this principle to ensure that all users can access the site from any device.

A Brief Summary

The evolution of responsive websites is continuous, along with the fast-moving and the technologically intensive world. A website which is not responsive might become obsolete in the near future, due to the diversity we see in the gadgets available. Any website now needs to be accessible on mobile devices and respond just as well on the smaller screen as it does on a PC.