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Pros & Cons with outsourcing Web Dev

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Outsourcing of web development is getting more and more common in almost every industry. As you know, outsourcing can be difficult and in a lot of cases time consuming and expensive. However, if done right, outsourcing has a lot of benefits.

To better understand the benefits of outsourcing web development, the following list has been compiled:

  • Cost saver – Maybe the most obvious reason to outsource is that if done right, a lot of money can be saved as you often have the opportunity to get cheap companies from abroad helping you out.
  • Focus on your core – If not web development is the core of your business and what you do, why put your energy into it. Instead, you should focus upon what you do best!
  • Expertise – It is rather obvious that a company working with web development all day are more suitable and time efficient developing websites than your company is. Hence, it is both more time- and cost efficient to outsource.
  • B2BĀ – Outsourcing web development to another company saves you the trouble with employment contracts, training etc. Simply just order what you need and get the service delivered.

    outsourcing webHowever, it is important to notice that outsourcing also might cause you trouble. A lot of companies have experienced a lack of control of what is being produced, ending up being dependent on their supplier. Be cautiousĀ about this, especially if developing something that will need future updates or affect long term decision making. To keep knowledge and be in charge of updates within the company has its benefits why we recommend companies to think carefully before choosing to outsource. Additionally, communication of what your company actually needs can be difficult to communicate to a third party. If developing inhouse, chances are higher that your developer can see future problems and need way better than a third party.