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Google Page Speed Insights

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Google PageSpeed Insights is used to measure the loading speed of web pages. The tool looks at two things – how quickly a page loads content above-the-fold, and the time it takes for a browser to fully render a page. The test is repeated twice to determine page loading speeds on both mobile and desktop. The tool grades performance on a scale of 0 to 100; anything above 85 is good.

Important For SEO

The value of a Pagespeed test soon becomes apparent when you realize that speed impacts user experience, which is important for SEO. Fast websites always rank higher, all else being equal. Why? Speed underpins almost all of the other metrics that search engines use to rank websites. In turn, page rank influences other critical measures, such as traffic, conversion and revenue. This is why getting your loading speeds to under two seconds or less can double your traffic and revenue.

Improving Your Pagespeed Score

Are looking to improve your Pagespeed test scores? Check your images. Large images are some of the most common causes of poor loading performance, so compress and optimize them. Widgets and plugins can also sap the speed of your website, so disable or uninstall those you’re not using, and ensure any that remain are bug-free and up to date. Weeding out unnecessary analytics code can also help speed things up.

Hone Your Competitive Edge With Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights can help boost the loading performance of your website, in turn improving your user experience, a critical determinant of page rank. In other words, Pagespeed insights can help you stand out from the competition, boost traffic and increase your revenue. If your online visibility has been taking a hit lately, the diagnoses that this tool provides may be exactly what you need to correct the problem.